Fairyland’s expression…

My opinion is that we are sorely lacking fairyland in everyday life. How can one live without subtlety, without dreams, without hopes? How can we forget the magic of existence, the beauty of life, without losing the meaning of life? That’s why I have tried to bring magic back into our consciousness, hoping to participate in a sweeter tomorrow.
The nude in a natural environment seems to me very judicious as it has, in my opinion, an immense need to be given more subtlety. I am deeply revolted by what is, for me, the decline of nudity, mirroring the most superficial aspects of our society. What is more natural, more spontaneous, more innocent than the nude? We use the wonderful opportunities we have for sharing, to make the nude vulgar and shocking… Nothing, however, comes closer to nature and fairy than the spontaneous nude, carried by the heart, in this reconnection with our inner child.
The nude should not be shocking. We should not teach our children to be shocked by nudity, as if it were the most shameful of self-expressions. But why be ashamed of what we are, and why not be shocked, precisely, about not being able to be oneself, about not being able to show oneself as we are? Indeed, vulgarity itself is shocking… Not nudity! These things should not be mixed.
If I mainly stage rather young people, and rather of the female sex, it does not start from the idea that only young women are beautiful. Beauty is everywhere as long as it comes from the beauty of the heart. But for the moment, it is the orientation that I choose to take as an expression of the fairy, symbolically closer to the spirit of water, more like nymphs and naiads. Of course, other ways can be done in the future development of the project.