Naked, Vulgar ?

In photography, nudity is the only field to be interested in the human being as he is, without mention of social predominance, pretentiousness or appearance. It is about the search for the intrinsic, mysterious and innate beauty of which our body is, after all, the painting, like the canvas of a prodigious artist. This body which we have inherited, and which we have to take care of, is our greatest wealth, regardless of the injustices producing the social miseries that we are unfortunately used to in present human society.

Nudity is a huge area. It can serve as a basis for the deepest of philosophical thinking, as for the most vulgar superficiality. It can create horror as much as wonder. The purest innocence can be expressed, but also the most shocking perversion. Nudity is an image of ourselves, it expresses what we are, what we seek, what we want to find, or share.

A horrible man is not man. Just because a madman has raped a woman or killed his neighbor does not mean that all men must be censored. However, it is the same principle when we censor the whole nude, under pretext that shocking images have been shared. A dog bites, do you have to kill all dogs? A cat claws, do you have to kill all cats? A nude photo shocks, should we remove all nudes? Let’s not be stupid…

In truth, we have a great need to reconnect with our lost spontaneity. We lack the wisdom of children, crushed too soon. Should we therefore reprove a little girl who wanted to go out naked in the garden, or should we rather reprove the man who no longer knows how to respect the innocence and the joy of communing with nature?

Moreover, the censorship of nudes often hides very pernicious and prudish policies, which were current in the nineteenth century but should have nothing to do in the twenty-first… Let us reject old dogmas, old blockages, old puerile discords from which all this has arisen. We do not need rules to decide what is beautiful, or what touches our souls and our hearts!